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First contact with no obligation

The consultancy business is a question of trust! That’s why an initial, face-to-face discussion is absolutely necessary so that a possible common basis, both topically and personally, can be assessed.
An initial talk, either in your offices, at KPI Consult Staudinger in Wiesbaden, or at another suitable location, is at no charge and obligation-free.



Once the subject, the scope of the consultancy services and the time frame (offer basis) have been defined, all forms of consultancy appointments are then possible.
Remuneration for our consultancy services is based on daily rates. In regard to multi-day assignments, the daily rate may be scaled accordingly. Travel costs will be invoiced separately.


Trustworthy cooperation

On a consultancy basis, the working relationship between business people and companies requires a high degree of mutual trust. On the part of companies, issues such as internal structures, problems and certain task-relating details have to be disclosed. Companies have to be able to rely on this information being subject to absolute loyalty and confidentiality. On the part of the consultant, the expectation exists for him to receive the full support of the company and its employees regarding the assignment so that the tasks facing the company can be tackled successfully.

Code of conduct

For the purpose of an open and trustworthy cooperative venture, KPI Consult Staudinger GmbH is obliged to respect the following rules:

  1. We advise and act responsibly and to the best of our ability within the scope and knowledge of our potential and ability.
  2. We avoid conflicts of interest as far as possible. Should this in our view, however, become unavoidable, we will inform our client and we will seek a solution together.
  3. We treat all internal information as confidential.
  4. We evaluate situations honestly and realistically on the basis of the data available to us. Should, in our view, insufficient data be available, the client will be informed.
  5. We condemn corruption in all its forms. We are incorruptible.
  6. We would like to receive honest feedback in relation to our performance.
  7. We treat all persons fairly, regardless of skin colour, religion, sex, disability, age and nationality.
  8. We work cooperatively as a team both internally and with clients.
  9. We try not to injure others through malicious behaviour.
  10. We help ourselves and others to implement this code of conduct.