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Sales management consultancy

Having the best product is still no guarantee for sustainable company success. In what form the product should reach the customer, when and via which channels are all tasks for the sales division or sales management. In the B2B sector, direct sales, direct sales through sales agents, wholesale distribution, OEM sales and online sales are all common. All distribution systems place different demands on personnel numbers, qualifications and organisational structures. A variety of sales management methods may be applied depending on the organisational structure and the basic conditions.

  • Analysis and evaluation of sales channels and sales concepts
  • Advice on customer surveys and supervising the implementation
  • Developing suggestions for optimisation
  • Advice on customer clubs and events
  • Supervising optimisation processes and documenting the results
  • Interim management
  • Key account services
  • Skilled analysis based on 30 years of B2B sales experience on all sales levels in industry, retail and service environments, and in small, medium and large companies
  • Efficiently supervising the implementation of agreed changes or concept supplements