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Optimisation using key figures

In virtually every company, planning processes take place on an annual basis which see the adoption of objectives and related measures. Depending on the branch, the sales channel, the management structure, etc., the starting point is often a rolling, multi-year plan with annual adjustments. With this as the basis, a precise, differentiated annual plan is developed. The annual objectives set within it are then broken down among the different divisions, departments and regions, whereby the original classification, prioritisation and layout are usually altered, often with critical consequences:

  • Do the plan estimates and annual objectives tally with the corporate vision and overall strategy?
  • Are the set objectives prioritised, measurable and reduced to a manageable number?
  • Are these objectives prepared in such a way so that an evaluation of the current status is possible at a glance?
  • Do all key employees feel integrated in the planning process, and does commitment to the set objectives exist?
  • Are the individually set targets for employees aligned to these goals/indicators?
  • Are the key measures focused towards these goals?
  • Are the goals and the conforming layout regularly employed as management tools?
Efficient answers and assured planning processes is provided by the KPI process:
  • Drafting an individual KPI process for the company beginning with the existing vision/strategy and including the most important employees through workshops
  • Joint evaluation and prioritisation
  • Establishment of indicators and benchmarks
  • Training/Supervising/Coaching as required
  • Improved achievement of objectives through simple systems oriented to the company’s strategy with measurable key figures
  • Increased identification and responsibilities for the employees concerning corporate goals
  • Clear layout as a basic instrument for management