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Marketing consultancy

Markets are changing as a new era of radical customer focus is already upon us: the customers are in power, they have a constantly growing offer to choose from, they are calling for innovations like never before and, due to digitisation, expect nothing less than excellent communications.

Only those who manage to truly understand the customers, to convince and delight them long-term, can in future achieve their corporate goals – marketing has become a function crucial to success.

In order to not only fulfil this challenge but to use it as an opportunity, marketing must be modernised in all relevant dimensions.

  • Analysis of the individual market, competition and customer contexts in view of each dimension
  • Analysis of the customer’s existing strategy
  • Identification of strategic activity fields for developing the customer’s strategy
  • Illustrating courses of action within the identified strategic action fields
  • Structured evaluation of the outlined courses of action
  • Development of a target-oriented strategy based on the evaluated courses of action
  • Definition of suitable KPIs for ongoing validation, optimisation and success monitoring
  • Supervising and advising on the operationalisation and implementation of measures for putting the chosen strategy into practice
  • Transdisciplinary, digital marketing strategies with a clear vision for the future of your company
  • Independent consulting for effective and efficient solutions, free of self-interests of the service companys (agencies, etc.)
  • Consistent goal orientation and structure due to use of KPI systems
  • Assured implementation and goal tracking through active supervision